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Fractional Mesotherapy

60 minutes | £80

Fractional Mesotherapy delivers vital nutrients and hydration directly into your epidermis using microneedles to provide your skin with essential ingredients exactly where they’re needed. The blend of nutrients used is uniquely tailored to your requirements, whether you want to target specific problem areas (such as sun damage or scarring) or wish to benefit from a more general anti-aging effect.


The fractional mesotherapy blend of nutrients will boost your skin and induce collagen production, leading to rejuvenation. We will hand pick the best mix for your needs, for example focusing on hydration, skin tightening or acne scars.


More specifically, it can help with:


Thinning and sagging skin

Stubborn expression lines and deep wrinkles

Vertical perioral lines

Post-surgery scars

Severe sun damage

Acne scarring (including ice-pick scars)

Enlarged pores

Deep décolletage creases


As part of your fractional mesotherapy treatment we may use additional techniques to get the most from the mesotherapy nutrients.

Please call the salon on 01767 210210 for an updated price on your chosen treatments or click the book now button to view.

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