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Massage Treatments

Back Neck and shoulder Express 

1/2 hour

Allow your body time to de stress and feel mobilised with our relaxing service.

Back Neck and shoulder with hot stones 

1/2 hour

 A relaxing massage using Basalt stones that gently warm the skin to deliver a deeply soothing experience.

Calming scalp neck and shoulder

45 mins

Relax and release tension in your muscles and let yourself enjoy a reviving scalp, neck and shoulder massage. Escape from the everyday and lie back for the chance to enjoy this delightful pampering treat.

Deep Tissue 

This back neck and shoulder massage focuses on manipulating deeper into the muscles for the relief of tension. It incorporates pulsation massage and intense movements for the ultimate healing effect.

Deep Tissue with hot stones 

Focusing on the back neck and shoulders, we apply hot stones to warm the area before a manipulating deep tension relieving massage.

Full Body 

Are you looking for a fantastic way to relax and pamper yourself? A talented massage specialist will massage each part of your body until all tension disappears. A full body massage will release all your knots so that you can relieve your pain, revitalize and feel stress-free.

Full Body with hot stones  

This service will begin with warming the area with hot stones to relax muscles and mobilize joints. Our massage specialist will follow along with diligently treating each area with penetrative movements to increase blood flow and break down stiff muscles. Unwind and let go of any stresses to give yourself the opportunity to feel healed inside and out.

Please call the salon on 01767 210210 for an updated price on your chosen treatments or click the book now button to view.

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