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Blonde Specialist

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We are award winning blonde specialists

The Vintage Avenue team offers superior hairdressing and professional colour services in a classic, calm, boutique environment. Each team member is highly trained to deliver the best tailor-made solutions for your haircare needs.

Whether it’s strawberry, nude, palomino, caramel or biscuit blonde, our services are bespoke to suit your needs. Every time you visit the salon, your consultation will be tailored to the blonde you desire. We can recreate the exact colour by delicately positioning foils and weaves in perfect placements. We understand that colour banding can be a problem for many salons on your repeat bookings. We make sure there is no unnecessary overlapping to prevent this problem. We offer a premium service for the devoted blonde client. And platinum card option to achieve your hair goals.


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Blonde FAQ

Why does my new blonde hair feel dry?

Your hair could have been over processed with bleach or you could need a more moisturising and nourishing shampoo and conditioner since having your new blonde hair.

Why has my blonde hair turned green?

If your hair has gone green and you have been on holiday or swimming it could be something in the pool that has built up and turned it green. This can be rectified with the correct products.

Why is my blonde hair getting shorter?

Your blonde hair could be damaged and may need a reconstruction treatment, if not treated it could cause the hair to snap off and become shorter.

Why does my blonde hair turn darker over time?

Your hairdresser probably puts a toner on it to get the desired result. This is

great but you need to allow this to settle in the hair for 48 hrs before washing it or you could be washing it, resulting in a tone that you didn’t want. If not the toner does fade over time and you may need to top this up.

How often should I use purple shampoo?

Less is best with this product. We recommend once a week. The quality of the product will depend greatly on this answer. Cheap purple shampoos are terrible for the hair as they leave a purple hue and are very drying. So when choosing your purple shampoo always purchase from a reputable salon.

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