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Your lips loose colour over time

Your lips loose colour over time

Your poor lips go through a lot over time. The delicate skin is one of the thinnest on your face (apart from the fragile eye area), so it's quick to betray dehydration (ahem, cracks and flakes), and it's one of the first areas to reveal signs of ageing. With the latter, you may know that the lips lose volume and become thinner over time, but did you know your lips can lose their colour, too?

Yep, your lips become less vibrant as you age. Don't panic, though: It's totally natural. But if it bothers you, there are some ways you can hold on to the rosy hue.

How your lips lose pigment with age.

First, a little lip anatomy: Your lips are composed of two parts—the cutaneous lip and the mucosal lip, which includes the vermilion, (what's responsible for the different shade of pigment on your lips compared to the rest of the face).

The mucosal part of your lip is thinner compared to the rest of your skin, as it is made up of fewer layers and also contains many capillaries or tiny blood vessels. Taken together, this accounts for the colour of the lips. Essentially: The skin on your lips is super thin and delicate, which makes the underlying blood vessels more noticeable.

Of course, everyone has a different lip pigment: Lips come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. No matter your specific lip colour, though, it does tend to be most vibrant when you're young, fading over time.

As you get older, the lips tend to thin and face increased moisture loss, causing the lips to dry out, which may change the overall appearance and colour, as having dry skin on the lips can make them appear dull. Since the coloured part of your lips is already so thin, you might notice these changes, both in volume and pigment, much quicker. Not to mention, sun damage and smoking also contribute to collagen decline, which only speeds up those pigmentary changes.

What to do about it.

Hydrated, happy lips look more vibrant, so all the more reason to save your raw, cracked lips right now. Make sure you're correctly moisturising your lips, especially during the winter. Look for balms that contain a blend of oils, humectants, and butters.

You may also want to use a lip mask or balm, if you so choose. Remember, the skin is more permeable at night, so applying a mask packed with nourishing actives can help you wake up to baby-smooth lips.

The Vintage Salon Team x

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