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Energy is what fuels our life at every level, mind, body, emotions and soul.

When you overwork, overthink, overdo, or simply focus more on the things (or people) that drain you rather than fill you up, your energy levels may drop, and this can affect how you perform in every role you play in your life.

So, if you feel stressed out or overwhelmed, a super quick way to pick yourself up is to consider what gives you energy and how you can include more of those things in your day.

1. Write a list of the top 10 things in your life that leave you feeling energised.

2. What are you practising regularly, and what are you neglecting and why?

3. How will you commit today to make time for more of the things that energise you?

Take 10 minutes to review what currently recharges you and what exhausts you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Which of these energies do you think would most impact your life right now?

Decide on one or two energies to focus on and identify small changes you can commit to. The key is to go for bite size change that you can build on regularly.

Here are some examples:

Making a decision that you have been putting off can help you re-balance your mental energy

Going for regular walks, or taking regular breaks throughout your day, can help you regulate your physical energy and so on

Work with your body’s natural rhythms

To think you can be at your best at all hours of the workday, it’s an unrealistic expectation.

Your internal clock, the circadian rhythm, shapes your energy levels throughout the day.

A great hack to boost your productivity is to figure out your best working hours and ensure you plan high-focus tasks for the times of day you naturally feel most energised and mentally sharp.

So, start paying attention to when you feel naturally productive or energetic vs when you really struggle to keep your eyes open without coffee and start planning your to-dos accordingly!⠀⠀

The Vintage Avenue Team x

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