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The perfect lipstick application

The perfect lipstick application

Of all makeup woes, nothing is more frustrating than lipstick creases

Make no mistake: Achieving long-lasting lip colour is not a swipe-and-go endeavour. It requires thoughtful application of multiple products. Yes, multiple!

The best order to apply your lip products

In general, the order goes: scrub, balm, liner, colour, gloss. But let's take a deeper dive:

1. Lip scrub

Not only does exfoliation help buff away dry flakes (which can leave an uneven surface for lip colour), but it also helps smooth out creases. Exfoliating your lips can be helpful if you're starting to see some lip. A bit of scrubbing will help your subsequent products glide on with ease. Not to mention, exfoliating your pout also stimulates circulation and blood flow, which spurs the production of collagen and keeps them looking full.

2. Lip balm

To prep your lips for colour, a quality lip balm is practically non-negotiable. Using a balm covers and fills in any little gaps in your lips so that colour doesn't sink in, and it keeps colour from attaching to dry patches that can flake off. Hopefully, you've scrubbed most of them off, but a quality balm can soften any lingering bits you might have missed. A tinted balm can help enhance a lipstick colour, but a clear balm will give a truer read. Look for emollients that build up the skin barrier and soften out microcracks.

However, timing does matter: Apply your lipstick right after swiping on a balm, and the colour will likely slide right off. I recommend applying your balm 15 minutes or so before your makeup routine. That way, the formula has enough time to sink into the skin and soften your pout. If your lips still feel slippery when you're ready to apply lip colour, feel free to use a tissue to blot away any extra product.

3. Lip liner

Next, find a lip liner that's the same shade (or the closest you can find) as your lipstick, trace the lips to secure a helpful border, then fill in the entire surface area with the liner. This creates a base colour so that when any lipstick or gloss applied on top of it wears away, you still have a nice colour and shape left.

4. Lip colour

Finally, it's time for colour! To keep your lippie in place, apply multiple layers of colour. Apply lipstick, blot with a tissue, and reapply lipstick. By blotting that first layer, you're really pressing the formula into the waxy liner base so it stays put. Then your last layer is for the lush finish.

5. Lip gloss

Follow up with a gloss, if you so choose. A touch of shimmer on the centre of your lip can really accentuate plushness, as it highlights the area. Anytime you add something reflective to the lip, it's going to add more of that pop and poutiness.

The Vintage Avenue Team x

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