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The New Wonder Facial !!!

What is it I hear you ask. With coverage in Vogue magazine it's the newest, revolutionary facial to hit the high street. But unlike most facials it really does give results. Here is the proof:

Our lovely client had her first session of Profhilo and couldn't believe what she saw in the mirror the day after. All her lines had been softened and her skin took on a plumpness she was shocked to see.

This Treatment is becoming a treatment of choice in the cosmetic industry, it's owing this to its all-important molecule - hyaluronic acid. This product occurs naturally in the body. The product is injected into 5 tiny key points on each side of the face.

The hydrating substance then spreads under the skin's surface, stimulating collagen and plumping and firming the skin from the inside out. The whole treatment takes about 15mins and I advise you to have a follow-up after a month to maximize the results.

For more info, such as prices and availability please call us.

Thanks for reading,

The Vintage Avenue Team

01767 210210

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Gabriel Frost
Gabriel Frost
24 de ago. de 2021

This is a ggreat post thanks

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