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The beauty of a Balayage at Biggleswade's top salon !

Adding colour to your hair is, without doubt, one of the easiest ways to update your look and keep your tresses on trend. But the latest colours du jour are ever-changing and staying on top of these technicolour trends can be, at times, daunting.

Models, celebrities, fashionistas and those in the know can often be seen sporting a spectrum of bold and beautiful hair shades, which inevitably sparks a craze. Over the past year alone, we’ve seen gem colours, rose golds, rainbow hair, baby pinks, candy floss ends and, for the adventurous, unicorn.

It seems, however, the one trend which transcends all these, is balayage. Whilst not exactly new in town, having been a technique used amongst colourists for years, it has evolved to become a widely-available and much requested service at salons nation-wide.

The free-hand technique paints on colour to sections of the hair surface, contrasting light and shade to give a natural looking colour. As it is applied by hand, it can be used in as many or few areas of the hair as suited to the individual, resulting in a truly bespoke colour.

The blended finish gives depth and dimension, promoting a much more subtle regrowth, requiring less maintenance and salon visits than other colour services. What’s not to love?

At The Vintage Avenue our colourists can deliver you the perfect balayage to suit your hair type, finding the right colour and technique for your hair. Whether you want a sun-kissed beachy look, something bolder or you’re in need of a colour refresh, we can help .

See you soon

The Vintage Avenue Team 💋

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