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Surprising food that cam make your lips dry

Surprising food that cam make your lips dry

There are a lot of root causes of dry skin that range from lifestyle habits and irritating topical products to skin conditions. But the lips, in particular, can be a very finicky area. The skin on the lips is much thinner than the rest of the face, making them more delicate. Not only that, but they get a lot of physical wear from picking, licking, talking, and what you're consuming.

Drinks and foods can dry out the skin on the lips.

1. Spicy & hot foods

Ask anyone with an inflammatory skin condition like rosacea, and they'll likely confirm that spicey and hot foods can cause flare-ups, chapped skin, and dryness. Since lips are touching the foods, too, it only becomes more obvious. A chemical in certain spicy foods called capsaicin is a common skin irritant and has been linked to inflammation and skin barrier disruption. Both of these can lead to dry skin if you're susceptible. Additionally, you might be more prone to licking the lips when eating spicy foods, thus dehydrating the skin further.

2. Coffee

Coffee, notably when served hot, can dehydrate the lips. Pay attention to your lips. If you notice your lips starting to get dry, that’s an indicator you are drinking more coffee than you should.

Just like exposing the skin elsewhere on the body to scalding hot water can weaken the barrier by disrupting your natural lipids, the same can be true for the lips when you're drinking piping hot coffee. Additionally, coffee is a diuretic so it can be dehydrating when drunk in excess. Moderate coffee drinking likely won't have this effect. So just take it as a cue that you might have overdone it if your lips start to feel tight or chapped.

3. Lack of B12

Sometimes it's not what you're eating but what you're not eating. Notably, foods that contain vitamin B12. B vitamins have been shown to promote healthy skin and support wound healing, and when you lack these vitamins, it can lead to dry lips. Vitamin B12 deficiency specifically can lead to a condition that leads to dry, cracked lips with difficulty healing. Foods high in the vitamin are beef, liver, poultry, fish, yogurt, and eggs.

The Vintage Salon Team x

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