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Scientists views on how to keep the skin looking its best

Scientists views on how to keep the skin looking its best

For years, scientists have known that sleep is a vital part of overall body rejuvenation. When you enter the REM cycle, cells throughout the body are able to repair and restore themselves. This happens in your skin cells, too.

When you sleep, your body releases certain hormones that have loads of beauty benefits. Notably, melatonin. Melatonin is critically important for your skin and plays a significant role in skin repair from environmental exposure, UV light, stressors, pollution, and so on. If you're not resting, you're not generating that melatonin, and your skin isn't repairing itself.

And recently, scientists have found that this night time-induced rejuvenation process is especially important for collagen and collagen production. When we enter the REM cycle, our body naturally repairs its collagen layer in the skin. This happens because we have two collagen fibre structures:

One structure is our skin's permanent collagen, or the scaffolding that keeps our skin in place.

The other is thinner and more transient; these collagen fibres repair and then bind with the permanent collagen fibres as we sleep.

Essentially: Whatever blows your collagen took throughout the day—sun, pollution, inflammatory processes—your body restores them by using these "helper" collagen fibres.

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