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RF Needling a game changer in the facial world.

Here at the Vintage Avenue we are pleased to announce that we have just launched our RF Needling facial.

Microneedling/RF is the latest up-an-coming solution for the ultimate 'non-surgical face lift'.

The treatment is in high demand after the extensive coverage that the treatment has received throughout the press, with celebrities raving about the treatment. It is a minimally invasive treatment that greatly reduces fine lines, wrinkles and lifts skin - while promoting collagen and elastin production.

At the Vintage Avenue we are amazed how versatile this treatment is and can be used to target a number of concerns on both the face and the body.

Natasha our Esthetician is offering half an hour free consultation and skin analysis to pin point your facial concerns.

To book your FREE consultation please call 01767 210210

Thanks for reading The Vintage Avenue Team xx

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