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Male body hair clipping

More men have started to follow a brand-new trend (manscaping) to remove unwanted body hair with waxing and manscaping combination in order to to improve their male body grooming.

For some clients, waxing all body hair is an unusual experience, especially if they are not used to having a totally smooth body. Getting yourself clipped is a good way to get used to seeing yourself with less body hair before getting the area waxed.

Your hair can be clipped to different lengths to get a more natural look. Grading from #0 up to #8 is available. It’s entirely up to the individual, however, we are glad to advise and work with you as needed to achieve the best look that suits you.

Manscaping price list:


Male Chest Trim - £20.00

Male Abdomen Trim - £20.00

Male Chest and Abdomen Trim - £30.00

Male Back and Shoulders Trim - £30.00

Male Full Arms, Hands and Underarms Trim - £30.00

Male Full Legs Trim - £45.00

Male Back Shoulders Chest Abdomen Trim - £55.00

Male Back Shoulders Chest Abdomen Full Arms Trim - £80.00

Male Full Body Including Intimate Trim - £140.00

The Vintage Avenue Team x

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