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It goes without saying…your first laser session is always a unique experience.

However, here are a few tips to make for a smoother journey!

Firstly, we’d always recommend exfoliating the area being treated two weeks before, then following up with a moisturiser to hydrate the skin. We will recommend the right skincare during our first consultation with you, which you can also purchase from our salon. You must make sure to shave the night before all laser appointments to avoid skin irritation on the day of treatment, and to ensure optimum results.

We will always carry out a patch test on the areas you are thinking of having laser treatment on. This is a vital step in your laser journey, so we can ensure your skin reacts well to the laser, and so we can decide on the best laser settings for your treatment to achieve the desired outcome. You must wait up to 48 hours post patch test before we can begin your laser treatment.

We have a list of medications that you can’t take whilst having laser, but we will go through these with you during your consultation. When you arrive for each appointment, we will also ask you some brief medical questions to make sure nothing has changed since your consultation/ last treatment with us. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing guests with incredible results, which is all down to the great prep beforehand and our high-grade medical laser machines.

So why wait, book your free consultation here!

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