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How To Do Your Own Colour At Home!!!

At The Vintage Avenue we are always here to provide for our clients in any way, shape or form to make sure that your hair and yourself stay fabulous at all times.

Due to the current situation that we are all going through we are unable to provide the hair care and personal services we usually do. But we have devised a plan and a way so that you can at least have a little bit of normality when you look in the mirror at home.

We absolutely urge and plea for you not to crack open the nice and easy or other home dyes on the market. We will happily provide the colours we use at the salon so you can get the same results and condition that Affinage and The Vintage Avenue hairdressing have been giving you.

Here is a step by step as to how to apply your colour correctly and the most efficient way to use the colour provided. We also recommend that you apply to the hairline and parting FIRST!


VISION (front facing).

Use a comb to separate your hair in to four sections.

Use plastic sectioning clips or hair bands to hold the sections apart. Seperating these sections will ensure you dont miss a patch of hair.

Apply your dye to the root area (regrowth) in sections. Break each section of hair in to smaller sections 1/4 -1/2 sections depending on the thickness of your hair (thicker hair use smaller sections). Use an applicator bottle or tint brush to apply your tint (colour). You can use your fingers to smudge in to your hair. Make sure you wear gloves.

If you're nervous of doing the whole head, we suggest just doing your parting and the front hair line. This will mask your roots until you can get in to the salon.

Set a timer for how long you need to leave the dye in your hair. For grey hair 70% and over leave Affinage hair colour on 45 minutes for less than 70% leave on for 35 minutes. Do not rinse the colour out before the timer has finished nor leave it on longer than the timer.

Rinse the colour out of your hair. After the time is up either get in to the shower or lean over the sink to rinse your colour out. Rinse your hair until the water runs clear.

Dry your hair and style as usual. You can either blow-dry your hair or let it dry natural. After your hair is dry style your hair as you normally would.

Alternatively we have a range of root concealer sprays for you to purchase. Please contact Natasha to purchase one of these via Facebook.

We hope this is a massive help to all of our readers, clients, friends and family. For more information please contact us via Facebook or Instagram. Stay safe and love your hair.


The Vintage Avenue Team 💋

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