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Have you felt you have left your root bleach appointment with that warm yellow glow ❌

You keep catching a glance in the mirror and your roots just seem to stand out? ❌

Here at The Vintage Avenue we allow the extra time to monitor the process of your root bleach through the stages to ensure that we don’t over process or under process. 👀

we pride ourselves in no overlapping on already bleached hair to eliminate any banding and damaged broken hair, this helps give is an even tone throughout when applying toners, preventing that yellow glow and uneven look👀

We also add oils to the bleach which leaves hair feeling super soft and much more healthy looking. Using oils on bleached hair can help hair that feels straw like feel significantly softer and

even make the hair more manageable for you at home. ✅

Don’t forget we also use OLAPLEX as an added option ✅

Say goodbye to that horrible yellow glow and hello to your fresh bright hair making you feel that bleached blonde babe that you’ve always aspired to be👩🏼‍🦳

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