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Copy of Water Tips to kick-start your morning

Water tips to kick-start your morning
Image by A Sweet Pea Chef

1. For those who have the time: 5-ingredient infused water

If you're looking to kick-start your health in the morning, and you're not afraid of a robust recipe, try adding these 5 ingredients for glowing skin from the inside out.:

  • Chlorophyll: contains antioxidant properties

  • Lemon juice: supports your body's natural detox processes

  • Ginger: delivers anti-inflammatory properties and soothes the stomach

  • Magnesium drops: help balance blood sugar

  • Peppermint spirits: adds natural flavour and aids digestion

2. For all-in-one beauty maintenance: collagen water

Collagen water is trending right now. High-quality collagen peptides have been shown to support skin hydration, ease the appearance of fine lines, and keep your hair and nails strong.

1. Pour yourself a glass of water, then stir in a scoop of collagen powder until it dissolves.

2. Add a splash of freshly squeezed orange, lemon juice, or cucumber for extra flavour.

3. Drink up!

3. For those craving flavour: grapefruit and rosemary water

If you're one to shy away from smoothies but crave that refreshing burst of fresh fruit, this grapefruit and rosemary water is an easy way to rejuvenate your senses. Not only is its herbaceous blend refreshing but it's also packed with vitamin C, which has tons of benefits for the skin, including regulating collagen synthesis and neutralising free radicals. Plus, you can shake it up and try out different fruit and herb combinations to keep your morning hydration interesting.

• ½ unpeeled grapefruit, sliced

The Vintage Avenue Team x

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